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Performance Development

1:1 Coaching

Leadership Development

Team Development
Below is a list of topics that are offered for any one of the development opportunities above.  Within each topic is a number of skills that can be tailored to your performance goals.  
Find helpful resources at the bottom of this page to increase your mental toughness.

Steadfast Leadership Effectiveness 
Increase Leaders’ awareness of how their perceptions of others can impact their ability to lead others. Leaders can identify what their Leadership style is, and find ways to instruct/interact with others in the most effective manner.
Steadfast Confidence
​Increased self-awareness of how thoughts impact performance.  Recognizing strategies to control thoughts so that we can be more productive to set ourselves up for success.   One way this can be done is by changing our perspective of successes and failures and seeing all situations as opportunities to grow.  Another strategy is harnessing one’s strengths. 
Discussing different styles of communication, to increase self-awareness but also empathy, to have a better understanding of how other people communicate best to work optimally as a team.
Steadfast Focus
Knowing what moments during a performance one needs broad attention vs. narrow attention.  Knowing attentional errors can help individuals plan strategies to avoid these errors, and recognize how to prioritize one’s attention.  Some techniques that assist with attention are staying in the present moment, using cues to direct attention, and routines.

Steadfast Resilience

Increased awareness of strategies to overcome adversity.  Identifying individual techniques to be more flexible in many situations that can lead to overall productivity.

Activation & Energy Management 
Individuals identify what activation level they need to have during specific performances to increase their chances of experiencing “flow”, and recognize what level of activation could lead to that danger zone where they might experience a decrease in performance.  Participants will increase self-awareness of what their bodies tell them under high pressure situations, find ways to use that to their advantage, and maintain control over physiological responses.  While also learning the impacts of stress and how to decrease stress levels.
Mental Rehearsal
Using mental rehearsal or imagery to see oneself perform optimally in any scenario increases confidence, muscle memory, mind and body preparation, and goal achievement.

Goal Setting
Setting goals can motivate individuals.  A specific written out plan directs an individual’s attention and guides them towards their goal. These can be performance goals or process goals to increase an individual’s mental toughness.
Why we do what we do matters, and identifying a purpose helps to drive our behavior.  There are a variety of ways to motivate others, here one will explore what are the best ways to motivate oneself, as well as others. 

Team Building

As a team, participants explore what makes a great team and identify strategies for them to become a great team.  Participants come to a general consensus of what their team values are and how they each can be accountable at living those values.  Additional skills can be offered to build relationships among a team. 

Mental Toughness Resources

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