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Steadfast Performance Consulting values high performance, knowledge, and helping others.  At SPC we teach Leaders, Executives, Managers, Soldiers, Athletes, Coaches, Performing Artists, & Parents the research and science behind mental skills so that they can perform their best when it matters the most consistently.  


Are you training your mental game?  Take your performance to the next level through mental training.  Contact Steadfast Performance Consulting and we will meet with you to identify what your current goals are and possible obstacles that are getting in your way from performing your best.  Then together with the Steadfast Performance Consultant, you will identify which interventions will work best for you or your team.  These interventions can consist of 1:1 coaching or experiential learning clinics that test an individual's mental toughness and resilience.  

Katrina Steady, M.S. 

Katrina has worked with the US Army for 5 years, teaching Soldiers resilience & performance enhancement techniques. Over the past 7 years she has been transforming Leadership Development by supporting high potential and employee development programs at insurance and manufacturing companies globally. 


She received her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Central Connecticut State University, and her Master’s in Movement Science with a specialization in Sport & Exercise Psychology from Barry University. She is a member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, and was an Adjunct Professor at Springfield College.  Katrina has consulted with Executives, Managers, Coaches, College & Youth level athletes.  She has experience teaching mental toughness to the following sports: golf, rugby, baseball, squash, soccer, tennis, volleyball, mixed martial arts, track & field, wrestling, lacrosse, basketball, swimming, CrossFit, and Jiu Jitsu. ​Additionally, she has mentally trained Army Combatives, Snipers, and Rangers.

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